On-Site Power Generators

Below are some of the models we have available. They start from 4kva and go up to 30kva options. We are also able to supply towable models up to 100kva which is the maximum weight you can tow behind most van type vehicles (subject to Total Train Weight). We are also able to supply generators from 100kva up to 250kva models but due to weight restrictions these can only be transported by trucks.


6kva Diesel ModelOutput:– 6.0kVA / 4.8KW. BS4343 industrial sockets -2 x 115V 16A, 1x 115V 32A, 2 x 230V 16A Sockets
Fuel Tank:– 24 litres 17 hours @ 75% Load
Noise Level:– 71dB (A) @ 7 metres. 96LWA
Weight:- 160kg (dry)
10kva Diesel ModelOutput:- 10kVA (8.0kW), 50Hz. BS4343 industrial sockets – 1 x 115V 16A, 2 x 115V 32A, 2 x 230V 16A, 1 x 230V 32A Sockets
Fuel Tank:- 37litres – 13 hours @ 75% load.
Noise Level:– 69dB (A) @ 7 metres. 94LWA
Weight:– 355kg (dry).
30kva Diesel ModelOutput:– 30.0kVA (24.0KW) Single Phase 230V. BS4343 industrial sockets -1 x 230V 16A, 2 x 230V 32A, 1 x 230V 63A Sockets
Fuel Tank:– 280 litres – 48 hours @ 75% Load
Noise Level:– 64dB (A) @ 7 metres. 89LWA
Weight:– 1300kg (skid version)
generator 3

More available please call for details:
+44 (0)1923 209640