Outdoor Communications

NSR has worked in the communications industry for a number of years, which has included the temporary and permanent installation of telephones and radio equipment.

If your events require point to point communications with dedicated pairs of phones or a full switchboard NSR has the solution for you.

Our selection of two-way radios of various models and makes give us great flexibility and reliability, which is important for outdoor communications. We have fixed base units and frequency booster units, for those events that require coverage to greater distances, and we supply a large range of accessories such as headsets, ear pieces with full charging facilities.

Reliable and clear Public Address Systems are vital for communicating to the public for both general and Health and Safety information. With a large range of loud speakers in stock we can cover many types of event. We supply systems that provide clear audio transmissions to areas both large and small, including Induction Loop systems. These can be cabled or transmitted via radio link system if your cable routing is particularly difficult, hazardous or over a large distance.