Out of the Ordinary


Not Just Run of the Mill Events

Thinking Outside The Box

One of NSR’s great strengths is its team’s ability to think outside the box. Each year the company is approached with a communications challenge that cannot be achieved by standard methods. An example of this came from Limelight Sports when they asked NSR to provide them with a translation system for Nike Most Wanted, which was held at St George’s Park, the home of England football, and welcomed visitors and undiscovered football talent from all over the world.

The commentary on the day was in English but with visitors from non-English speaking countries in attendance there was a need for seven translators to translate the live commentary as it happened throughout the day. A challenge but not an insurmountable one for NSR!

The NSR team supplied and set-up a wireless radio system with seven separate frequencies providing each of the translators with a wireless radio mic and an individual frequency for each foreign language. They then translated the commentary as it happened through the wireless network to those non-English speaking visitors equipped with a wireless receiver connected to that frequency.

NSR’s resourceful thinking proved to be a success and the commentary on the day was broadcast without incident to both English and non-English speaking visitors, ensuring an exciting day for everyone.

Diverse Events

The NSR team have had to rig PA systems in some unusual places in the past but not nearly as unusual as a combine harvester.

John Deere teamed up with The Worshipful Company of Farmers and the NFU for the Lord Mayor’s Show taking their state of the art S685i combine harvester to town for the day to demonstrate how our food is produced. Specially decorated with graphics depicting the great British countryside the combine harvester was a rare sight on the streets of London. To enhance the spectacle the eight young farmers accompanying the combine addressed the millions of people along the route in a campaign to encourage the public to back British Farming promoting it as a modern and vibrant industry, hence the requirement for a full PA system.